Why to have Paid Inspection?

Eco Smart, the parent company behind 7x7 Roofing, has been around for long enough to understand what San Francisco customers really need.

In today’s technologically advanced world there are countless tools that help roofers and contractors in calculated project estimation. Many roofers performing traditional free estimates are often forced to sell clients projects they don’t need in search of reimbursement for time they spent giving out free proposals. Many free estimates take no more than 12 minutes which is typically not enough to give a calculated opinion on roof’s condition. In some cases, roof is not the cause of the leak, siding/stucco issues, exterior flashing and step flashing issues, window issues are a common problem for property owners all around California.

In order to protect our clients and give an unbiased evaluation based on facts, Eco Smart has designed a custom inspection service that is required as the first step in any request for service and replacement. This evaluation takes 30-45 minutes, performed by a licensed inspector and covers exterior of the building, windows and the roof. In order to effectively inspect the building, interior moisture mapping is required at the time of the inspection so access to interior is essential. Eco Smart uses thermal cameras to understand the extend of the damage, all media from the inspection is submitted to the client in HD quality along with a text based summary of findings. This is not an official inspection and does not come with an official report so there is no need to disclose it to potential buyers of the property in case the inspection is required for a real estate transaction, evaluation comes with text based summary of findings and digital folder with information collected at time of inspection.

Roof, Windows and Exterior evaluation by 7x7 Roofing is priced at $585.00 that is due at the end of the inspection, fee is credited to the invoice in case Eco Smart is contracted for the repairs or replacement. Evaluation is not biased and based on solid information gathered during the inspection.