Frequently Asked Questions

What is 7x7 Roofing?

7×7 Roofing (Eco Smart) specializes mostly in roof replacements and repairs concentrating on San Francisco only. Using best products available on the market today we reinforce, replace and repair roofing systems in the most energy efficient and ecologically conscious way. Minimum waste and maximum expected service life is what we are shooting for on every project.

We are using the latest technology available to assess roofing condition, we are the company that is constantly evolving as new technology and materials surface, moisture mappers and scanners, thermal imaging, drone technology and wireless meter technology, air humidity meters and scanners are constantly used during initial inspections by our trained personell.

We believe that protecting your investment starts with a good roof, every building should be updated starting from the top - down, before scheduling any other upgrades - check current condition of your roof. We do not cut corners and everything that we do is of high quality.

Project Time-frames

In general, roofing project based on 2000-square-foot building can be completed in 2 to 7 business days depending on accessibility and number of people and machinery involved. Big factor in time-frame of your roofing project is the weather. We, at 7x7 Roofing, monitor weather religiously, in order to make sure that no customer is left exposed to rain, due to weather changing that translates to possible delays in project time-frames based on forecast but don't worry - you and your safety are our first priority.

Roof Maintenance

Your roofing concerns don’t end at installation. To ensure the longevity and weatherproofing of your roof, regular maintenance can help to keep your future repair costs down while adding years to the life of your roof. Roofing experts advise an inspection every 1-2 years.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, 7×7 Roofing is your best choice for the upkeep of your roof. We require our crews and sub-contractors to undergo an ongoing process of training, so they’ll always know what’s new in repair and maintenance. Our crews are equipped with the latest in construction and roofing equipment to help them find and eliminate problems before they can be seen.

Roofs in the San Francisco Bay, especially in the SOMA, North Beach, Outer Richmond and Pacific Heights neighborhoods are exposed to excessive moisture, wind and cold weather. By utilizing a professional roofing service that invests in its employees and in technology like 7×7 Roofing and Eco Smart, while keeping to a regular schedule of maintenance, you’ll be able to maximize your roof’s usage and expected service life. We can inspect and asses the current state of your roof, and note any repairs that you might need. From this inspection and our cutting edge leak detection equipment, we can determine a proper schedule for future inspections that will fit your budget. A roof that isn’t inspected regularly may leak and necessitate expensive repairs in future.

7×7 Roofing has the experience and expertise and equipment to maintain and repair all kinds of roofs — flat and sloped single-ply membrane roofs, built-up roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs and asphalt shingle roofs.

Your roof is a major investment. Regular maintenance and inspections will make sure you get the most out of it and will help to keep major repairs hitting your pocketbook away from your life. Contact 7×7 Roofing for all your residential and commercial roofing needs.


7x7 Roofing warranties against defects in workmanship and material all complete roofing replacement jobs for a period of 7-10 years from the date of completion (each project has associated warranty). The warranty shall extend to the roof only, and shall not be applicable to any other part of the structure not to its contents including, but not limited to fixtures, furniture or furnishings. Expressly excluded from the said warranty is any and all damage resulting from extreme winds, hail storms, earthquakes fire and other unusual or extraordinary causes or acts of God, or damage resulting from foot traffic or workmen other than ourselves. 7x7 Roofing does expressly refrain from warranting patch, repair or caulking jobs of any kind. 7x7 Roofing shall not be responsible for the building up of low spots on roofs, repair to gutters, or damage to TV antennas. 7x7 Roofing shall not be liable for failure weakness of structural materials used for a roof base over which our materials are applied, or for any interior damage caused by a normal usage and movement of material and equipment, or alteration of the roof in any respect after completion of our work.