Love the light your old skylights let in – but not the rain, summer heat, and harmful UV rays? Putting on a new roof is, of course, a great time to replace older leaking and inefficient skylights. We recommend installation of double pane skylights at the same time when you are installing a new roof. If your existing skylights are a standard size then installation of new skylights is free at the time when you are replacing your roof since we have to take out your old ones anyway to properly waterproof the curb.

New skylight installations require more preparation and are costly to install since there is interior work associated with installation. Exact location of the new skylights can only be determined at the time of the roofing replacement or by removal of the interior finish materials from the ceiling leaving the ceiling joists exposed. Consult with us about your new skylights and we’ll find a way to figure out your existing joist configuration.

Vinyl, Aluminum, Wooden or Copper skylights with double pane or triple pane glass system equipped with UV filter are recommended for all new roofing installation to prevent moisture, uv light, noise and condensation from entering your home.