Solar Panels

As far as solar panel installations 7×7 Roofing provides the following options:

If you already have a solar array system on your roof and need a new roofing system installed, 7×7 Roofing can offer removal of your panels, disconnection of your photo voltaic system from the grid, disconnection of your inverter, mapping of your solar panel system, replacement of your roof with proper sealing of all solar system penetrations and re-installation of the solar system in present configuration. 7×7 Roofing also services your solar system to optimize future performance.

If you already have a solar array system and your roof is in need of coating, 7x7 Roofing can seal your existing roofing system using Polyurethane based adhesive where needed, coat your roofing system with two part epoxy primer and siliconized coating and clean and service your solar panels for maximum performance. Title 24 coatings boost your solar array performance by reflecting maximum amount of light and heat from roofing surface. Yearly maintenance plans are available, please contact our team for more information.

For new solar installations and load calculations 7×7 Roofing recommends Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions to bring you the best results and warranty on your new solar and roofing system.