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Some of our telecommunication staff are currently on yearly training and voice communication is limited to prescheduled appointments. Service and other project related requests can be accessed through email without delays.


7x7 Roofing is a local San Francisco contractor, we mainly work on Victorian, Edwardian and Modern Construction homes, we specialize in re-roofing historical buildings and in preservation of original San Francisco benchmarks. We love San Francisco and we are the most efficient working in San Francisco.

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7x7 Roofing does not provide any free inspection services. Click here to learn why.

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Learn More about EcoSmart 

EcoSmart is a San Francisco's leading construction, roofing and general contracting company. Our building, repairs and remodeling are done to “green” standards.

From concrete and roofing to kitchens, plumbing and bathrooms, EcoSmart has been building efficient, green-friendly homes and making home repairs and improvements in the Bay Area since 1998. We make sure that 90% of the building materials used in construction projects are not only environmentally friendly, but also more durable than conventional building materials.

Whether your project is a new construction, home improvement, repairs, renovations, or remodeling, we specialize in making it green or green-er. More environmentally responsible, while at the same time more cost effective than conventional building projects.