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7×7 Roofing has a solid reputation of helping homeowners maintain the value of their houses by providing a quality installations and maintenance with most types of roofs — even tricky flat and low-sloped roofs.

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The roof on the income property had to be replaced, which could be a headache, as the top floor was rented out. Emailed 7×7 Roofing, and surprisingly got a response right away. Scheduled my appointment online (easy!) and within a day had an email quote in my inbox. The roof was replaced within 7 days from the initial contact with the firm. Tenants were extremely happy and the whole experience was smooth and painless.
Only two of three quotes were even considered and 7×7 was one of them. Definitely recommend them as they seem to know what’s important.
— Stacy A.
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What I loved the most about 7×7 is of course the technology they pack in figuring out the amount of damage you currently have on your roof without actually opening it and the fact that they have the most helpful and easy to work with staff.

I personally worked with Erik that was beyond helpful and very honest from day one, even though our original plan was to fix the missing shingles, Erik made it clear that given the age of my roof it would be a complete waste of energy. Repairing a 40 year old sloped roof is a drag and will not solve the issue and I learned it the hard way by constantly paying the contractors to service it.

Overall the job was scheduled quickly and done on time, great company that actually listened to what you have to say.

Work with Erik or Mira for great service.
— Jen Y.
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This is one of those contractors on the quest to make some clients very happy.

Where did you hear that a roofing contractor brings you Philz coffee in the morning? Nowhere, right? This was done on voluntary basis only, we never asked for it.

From the time we ordered the roof evaluation kit to the time when the repair has been completed it was totally a “wow” experience where there was absolutely no impact on us or on the neighborhood.
Guys were prompt, professional and knew their job to the last detail. Definitely a contractor worth its salt.

Enjoy working with them as we did – you will be pleasantly surprised.
— Marina K.