Asphalt shingles are among the most common roofing materials that are installed today. It’s because asphalt has proven itself very effective against water, snow and other destructive weathering elements. Despite its resilience against the weather, it remains flexible. The asphalt shingles used by 7×7 Roofing are made of high quality materials reinforced by fiberglass that will not dry out or become brittle during its lifetime. 7×7 Roofing mostly installs white or commercial white asphalt shingle roofs, we mainly install 40 Year, Type A premium shingles by Certainteed or GAF brands. Our highly trained installers use the latest and most efficient installation techniques and equipment.

There are two kinds of asphalt shingles typically used in roofing:


Organic shingles are made with a base mat of formerly living (organic) materials such as paper (waste paper), cellulose, wood fiber, or other materials saturated with asphalt to make it waterproof, then a top coating of adhesive asphalt is applied and ceramic granules are then embedded. Organic shingles contain around 40% more asphalt per square (100 sq ft.) than fiberglass shingles. The paper-based nature of “organic” shingles leaves them more prone to fire damage, and their highest FM rating for fire is class “B”. Organic shingles are less brittle than fiberglass shingles in cold weather.


Fiberglass shingles have a base layer of glass fiber reinforcing mat. The mat is made from wet, random-laid fiberglass bonded with urea-formaldehyde resin. The mat is then coated with asphalt which contains mineral fillers and makes the fiberglass shingle waterproof. Fiberglass shingles typically obtain a class “A” fire rating as the fiberglass mat resists fire better than organic/paper mats. Fiberglass reinforcement was devised as the replacement for asbestos paper reinforcement of roofing shingles and typically ranges from 1.8 to 2.3 pounds/square foot.

No matter what your asphalt roofing needs are, 7×7 Roofing will work with you to find the best shingles for your roof and our installers will use the latest state-of-art technology and techniques to make sure repair or replacement of your roof is performed in a timely manner and to the highest specifications possible, while making the smallest impact on the environment.